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Friday, February 15, 2013

New Changes!

Well, I have made some new changes to my blog I like it a lot.  I hope everyone enjoyed my Valentines Day Post, and most important, had a good Valentines Day.  I had a good one, my Mother made some delicious chocolate truffles,  some had coconut, white chocolate, cherries, and dark chocolate.  I also got a huge Russel Stover milk chocolate bar, and a box of Whiteners samplers.

I don't remember if I have ever said anything about a awesome book series called The Heroes Of Olympus,  which is a spin of series of another book series called Percy Jackson.  Percy Jackson series has five books in it, and The Heroes Of Olympus series has three books, and is coming out with another book this Fall called The House Of Hades.  Anyways, the latest one out is called The Mark Of Athena, I won't tell you anything that happens, because I don't want to spoil anything but I will warn you these books are  HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!  So, if you are looking for a good fast past action adventure, based on Greek and Roman mythology, with a little romance, than be sure to check it out.   Sports:  The Florida Gators play there first base ball game tonight at 7PM.  and the Dallas Cowboys hire defensive coordinator,  and breaking news the Packers said that they are going to cut Charles Woodson.  My thought on the letting go of Charles Woodson
he is old, but so was Brett Favre when the Packers cut him, and so was Peyton Manning when the Colts cut him.  so, bad move or good move, I say bad move.  The Eagles signed QB Dennis Dixon former Oregon QB,  Is that just because of Chip Kelley being tjere new coach?  And would Nick Foles fit in with the Cheifs? and would Tim Tebow fit in the CFL[ Canadien Football League] since he can't seem to find a place in the NFL?  All things to think about going into the draft.  One more thing, today I am going to the Cracker Barrel!  I don't know what to get yet.  and one more thing Robert Griffin III was elected rookie of the year who do you think should have won it? and do you think that the Colts should have drafted RG3 over Andrew Luck?  I don't, I think Andrew LUck should have won the Rookie of the year, and I think that the Colts made a good decision drafting Andrew Luck over RG3, and a good decision cuting Peyton Manning.  I do think they should have cut him earlier, He was on there bench for a year, while they were losing , and paying  him a bunch of money.

until next time. bye.

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