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Friday, August 24, 2012

new design.

Well i hope you like my brand new blog design i put a lot into it.the only thing i,m going to change is the header. i,m going to put a big hunger games pick up there it will look cool. and i think i,m going to put some  kind of animal.and i have a pick for you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

broken bow.

two days ago i started Archery. its very fun. so this morning i got up like i always do and i started to shoot my bow and arrow and then for some reason the string broke. so now i have to buy a new one. so wish me luck in finding a new one.P.S funny photo.

see you later.
AH!!! i love Batman and the Joker And really want to see the all new:Batman the Dark Knight Rises.

i,m sorry it was just so funny.

that happens to me all the time.

Look out its a Torpedo.

don't worry i,m going to make a real post soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

why Florida

this is really bad if the hunger games really did com true. than Florida would be under water that means i would die without being a tribute.hears a pick.

and now i am going to put up a pick for people that like the hunger games and anime.

see ya later.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

army of the animals.

we have a gray squirrel with a good helmet a knife and a ANTI AIR CRAFT SHOTGUN.

and second of all who ever won a war without a big fat squirrel.
this big squirrel is armed and dangerous with a machine gun and plenty of extra ammo.

and third we have a vanguard  squirrel well armed with a hi powered rocket launcher. 

and last but not least we have the best of all. a bird who is a member of a team called: SAAB. saab stands for super awesome amazing birds.

well i hope you liked my stupid post see ya.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

so muck to say.

i am so sorry i have not posted in a long time. but who cares i am here now so lets get to the talking. i saw the avengers movie. it was awesome. the family force 5 concert was sweet. if you don,t know what that is than just go to family force i red the first hunger games book yes it was very cool i cant wait to read the next one. i am just waiting for my sister to finish it witch takes forever. and dont worry i am going to design my blog different but i need some help. i am not good at it at all.can somebody tell me what i should change it to. and if you are new to my blog i will tell you a little bit about myself. i,m very awesome. i,m just kidding. i love the hunger games. and i do homeschooling. i,m 11.and a christian a boy with blond hair and blue eyes living in north Florida  my name is Vincent but you can call me Vince and i love to read i have a brother and a sister. and a dog named slate. and can i just say that i really love CARAMEL!!! and i,m not really that good at blogging. and i am in need of a new blog design. so if you have a idea or two please post it or email it to me at don't forget to follow me. thanks.