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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New blog to check out

My little brother's blog is finally here, its all about starwars.  So if you like starwars you will probably like his blog.  now he does not have his own email account so he has to use his moms, so the link has weird words in it, so just forget about the spelling and  visit his blog.  Now on with the good stuff.                                 

comment and tell me what your favorite Lord Of The Rings movie was.  I liked the two towers.


  1. lol those are funny! I love the Lord of the wings one. My favorite movie is probably Return of the King though it definitely is emotionally draining. :)

  2. I followed your brother's blog. After Star Wars, Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies and my favorite would be the Return of the King. Have you seen the extended versions of the movie? It is makes them even better.