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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Medal Of Honor War fighter and tonight's game

Well as you all know Medal Of Honor War Fighter came out today.   And there is no way that i am going to buy it for 60$ bucks.  i'm saving up for Black op 2 and Halo 4.  enough said.

Tonight the Minnesota Vikings play the Tampa Bay Bucks.  I think the Viking will win because of this guy.

   see ya later.


  1. We love Medal of Honor! I have a suggestion for you about Medal of Honor Wafare. Go to and you can rent games. You can get up to 8 games out at a time (but that is insanely expensive). Right now I'm playing both Medal of Honor Rising Sun and Medal of Honor Frontline. Gamefly has games for Nintendo DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, 3DS, Wii, PS Vista, PC, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Gamecube, and Xbox.

  2. Definitely not getting Medal of Honor. I had a lot of the old games on the PC and enjoyed them but its nothing compared to Halo or COD.