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Thursday, August 18, 2011

LOL of the week

I'm starting a new thing where every Thursday I make a new joke and if you have a funnier one then you post it. So here it is:

There's these two guys. One goes and gets a new blue car and the other guy said "they didn't have red, did they?"

And then the other guy goes and gets a tan dog and the other guy said "they didn't have red did they?"
So then they both go out to hunt ducks.  They were on one side of the river, and the duck was on the other side of the river.  The guy that had the dog shoots the duck.  The dog runs across the water and gets the duck.  The other guy said "he can't swim, can he?"


  1. No I didn't get it lol (There's a reason why Blondie is my nickname ;) ) Can you explain it for me? lol I feel stupid for asking

  2. the guys dog runs across the water and the other guy seas he cant swim can he

  3. I got one! :)

    A lady is throwing a Birthday party for her granddaughter, and had gone all out.. a caterer, band, and a hired clown.

    Just before the party started, two bums showed up looking for a handout.

    Feeling sorry for the bums, the woman told them that she would give them a meal if they will help chop some wood for her out back.

    Gratefully, they headed to the rear of the house.

    The guests arrived, and all was going well with the children having a wonderful time.

    But the clown hadn't shown up.

    After a half and hour, the clown finally called to report that he was stuck in traffic, and would probably not make the party at all.

    The woman was very disappointed and unsuccessfully tried to entertain the children herself.

    She happened to look out the window and saw one of the bums doing cartwheels across the lawn.

    She watched in awe as he swung from tree branches, did mid-air flips, and leaped high in the air.

    She spoke to the other bum and said, "What your friend is doing is absolutely marvelous. I have never seen such a thing. Do you think your friend would consider repeating this performance for the children at the party? I would pay him $50!"

    The other bum says, "Well, I dunno. Let me ask him. 'HEY WILLIE! FOR $50, WOULD YOU CHOP OFF ANOTHER TOE?"

    Ya get it? ;)


  5. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Now you have to top it ;)