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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey, its me, Vincent. I haven't been on in a long time, the modem for our computer broke and it took, like, 2 weeks for the new one to come. Anyways, I got some new Van-type shoes, but they are Airwalk. They are black, my favorite color, here's a pic:

Very excited about the new show Avatar: The Legend of Korra coming out this year.

Do you like my Playlist? I just added it. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut and spiked. Leave a comment and tell me if I should or not.

Well, I gotta go. Bye.


  1. Airwalks, well, ROCK! Cannot wait to see you tomorrow night mab=n! (cannot wait to see ur rockn shoes either! ;)

    Your Cuzz,

  2. I've never seen ur hair in person anyways so I wouldn't be able to tell if u should cut it or not lol It'd probably look fine :)

  3. so, when you gonna be post'n again, cuzz?
    You want me to comment, so here I am doing it!>:D
    Your Cuzz, Sophie
    oh, and Florida's Natural...