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Friday, April 26, 2013

The 2013 NFL Draft

There is lot going on over the past few days with the draft going around, encase you live under a rock, the first round of the draft was yesterday.  I am not going to name of everybody that got drafted but I will give you some highlights.  The Raiders traded with the Dolphins for the third pick, E.J. Manuel was the only QB drafted in the first round, (drafted by the Bills).  two Gators drafted, Sharif Floyd drafted by the Vikings, Matt Elam drafted by the Ravens, and not too mention the first three draft picks were offensive linemen.  I think Matt Elam has some big shoes to fill in, He is taking Ed Reed's place.  And so does Floyd having to work with future hall of famers like Jared Allen and Chad Greenway.  Manti Teo didn't evan go in the first round. I don't have an ending to this post so Bye.

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